Fiberglass Vs. Cellulose Insulation

Why Fiberglass is the way to go
Fiberglass in our opinion is the way to go its versatile, long lasting, and less prone to mold. Fiberglass is fire resistant class 1. Fiberglass unlike Cellulose is light weight, repairable and efficient. Fiberglass facts (blow in) are that it needs to be full so that air can be trapped. Fiberglass blow in can easily be repair if disturbed it is as simple as placing your hand underneath of it, shaking your hand and letting it fall back on top of itself. Fiberglass blow in will never settle. The reason for it compressing is from people or things crushing it, if left alone it will never move. Fiberglass is a green choice it has 35% of recycled product in it. Unlike the old days of past with itchy irritable long grain fibers the new Fiberglass insulation that Owens Corning produces (Advanced Thermacube) is soft, a lot less itchy and dusty. Advanced Thermacube is a premium product produced from Owens Corning and the preferred product used by Gulfside Insulation.

Why not to choose Cellulose Insulation for (blow in) in for your attic?
Cellulose insulation is a very heavy product. When you install cellulose by it self eventually it will settle. When you install Cellulose on top of fiberglass insulation blow in or batting it will lose its R-Factor very quickly because it is so heavy it compresses the fiberglass insulation. Although Cellulose insulation is made with newspaper and boric acid it will act as a bug repellant as advertised but will in time settle to the bottom of the insulation and be deemed useless thus having bug problems. One of the claims Cellulose can’t guarantee you is that rodents will not nest in it fact is it’s a perfect nesting material for them. The other problem with Cellulose is when it is stepped on in the attic after it is installed is it can’t be fixed and what is meant by this is because it is so densely packed down its difficult to put it back the way it was installed. The last reason not to go with Cellulose is that it is very prone to mold.

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